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Productive and Reproductive Labors

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Gender and Sexualities

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  • Professor Emeriti

Ph.D., Professor, History, and Director of Public Historical Studies: American colonial history, Native American history, history of women and the family; History of Women and the Family, Law and Society, Colonialism, History and Anthropology, Public History, Museum Studies, History of Memory

Linda Putnam
  • Professor Emeriti

Ph.D., Professor, Communication: Negotiation and conflict management in organizations; discourse studies in organizations; gender and negotiation; Organizational Communication

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  • 4109/4409 SS&MS
Erika Rappaport
  • Professor

Ph.D., Professor, History: modern Britain and its empire, modern European gender history, comparative consumer cultures; imperial history; Modern European Cultural History; Transnational History

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  • HSSB 4253
  • Graduate Student
  • Ph.D. year 2023-Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Ethnic Studies
  • UC San Diego
  • Graduate Director

Areas of interest:

  • Black queer theory
  • Trans theory
  • Black feminist theory
  • Literature and cultural criticism
  • LGBTQ history
  • Culture and film theory 


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  • Professor

Women's Movements,


Transnational History

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  • Ph.D. year 2019-Associate Director of the Writing Center
  • Baruch College
  • CUNY

Productive and Reproductive Labors

Ph.D. Emphasis in Writing Studies

Certificate in College and University Teaching

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Ph.D, Associate Professor, Department of Englsih

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Chela Sandoval
  • Professor

Ph.D., Professor, Chicano Studies: cyber and millennial studies, third space feminism, critical media theory and production, oppositional consciousness, social movement

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  • 1701 South Hall
Beth Schneider
  • Professor Emeriti

Ph.D., Professor, Sociology: sexuality, feminist studies, social movements, AIDS, health; political and social movements

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  • Social Sciences and Media Studies Bldg 3419
  • Graduate Student

Gender and Sexuality



Denise Segura
  • Professor

Ph.D., Professor, Sociology: gender, feminist studies, Chicano/a studies, race relations, work and community studies; Latina/o education, and Chicana/Mexicana employment

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  • Social Sciences and Media Studies Bldg 3004
  • Associate Professor

Modern middle east, economic thought, development, the body, liberalism

  • Professor of Film & Media Studies

Art & technology, media theory/practice, algorithmic culture, feminism middle east studies, global human rights, interactive design, creative coding, glitch art, live cinema, virtual/augmented reality, data viz, analytics

  • Professor Emeriti

Ph.D., Professor, History of Art and Architecture: photography, contemporary art, nineteenth-century French art and visual culture, feminist and critical theory

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  • Graduate Student

Race and Nations

  • Associate Professor

Ph.D., Associate Professor, History of Art and Architecture: contemporary art; material culture, craft, and design; gender and artistic labor; art criticism; feminist historiographies and theory; alternative spaces; art school pedagogies; global exhibition practice and history; queer culture and theory

  • Graduate Student

Race and Nations

  • Ph.D. Year 2021-Director of Undergraduate Research at UCSB

Race and Nations

  • Professor

Asian American Studies; immigration and welfare policy; health care access; race, class, and gender; urban theory; feminist theory and methods; environmental justice.


Ines Talamantez
  • Rest in Power
  • Professor

Ph.D., Professor, Religious Studies: Native American religious traditions and philosophies, religions of Mexico and Chicano religion, women and healing, religion and ecology

  • Professor Emeriti

Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Sociology: social movements, gender, feminist studies, sexuality, and health

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  • Social Sciences and Media Studies Bldg 3419
  • Graduate Student

Area of Emphasis: Genders and Sexualities


  • Lecturer

Anisha (she/her/hers) is a feminist law and society scholar. Prior to the completion of her Ph.D. in Gender Studies at SOAS, University of London she was as a social woker supporting survivors of sexual violence in Mumbai. Most recently she was a visiting scholar at the Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton. Her research primarily examines survivor's experience of legal institutions and their expectations of justice. Other interests include the collation and analysis of data in criminology research, the regulation of marriage and sexuality and the formulation of legislation particularly in the colonial period.

  • Ph.D. Year 2014

Genders and Sexualities

  • Professor Emeriti

Feminist Theory & Analysis, Gender & Literature, Critical Race Theory

France Winddance Twine
  • Professor

Ph.D., Professor, Sociology: gender, girlhood, racism/anti-racism, feminist theory, critical race theory, field research methods, multiracial/transracial families; The Body, Culture, Ethnography, Intimacy, Privilege, Field Research Methods, Feminist Theory, Critical Race Theory, Visual Sociology, Comparative Racial Studies (Europe/US/South Africa)

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  • Social Sciences and Media Studies Bldg 3020
  • Associate Professor
  • Director of the LGBTQ Minor

LGBTQ Studies, queer theory, genders and sexualities, race and nation, performance studies, social justice, transnational American studies, popular culture, ethnography, cultural politics, political economy, visual art and culture, museum and archive studies

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  • Graduate Student
  • Graduate Student
  • they or any pronouns


Research interests include:

  • black feminist and queer studies

  • sexuality and gender

  • queer and LGBTQ studies

  • cultural criticism

  • critical theories



  • Graduate Student

Genders and Sexualities

photo of anna
  • Ph.D. Year 2022-Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Gender Studies Program
  • University of Notre Dame

Feminist Media Studies, Feminist Technologies, Black Feminist Theory, Queer of Color Critique, Critical Race Studies, Feminist Science Fiction, Online Discourse Analysis, Digital Cultures Studies, Intersectional Approaches to Climate Change, Digital Humanities

Janet Walker
  • Professor

Ph.D., Professor, Film and Media Studies: film history and historiography, documentary film, film and ethnography; feminism and film theory; trauma and memory; media and environment

  • (805) 893-2347
  • 2314 Social Sciences & Media Studies (SSMS)
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  • Professor
  • Department Chair

Feminist and queer theory; sex practices; sex cultures; dismantling the patriarchy; creating feminist futures; witchcraft.

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