AP Pierce

Graduate Student


Productive and Reproductive Labors


  • BA - Interdisciplinary Studies, Women's and Gender Studies (awarded by Univ. of Missouri in 2017)
  • BJ - Journalism, Strategic Communications (awarded by Univ. of Missouri in 2017)
  • MA - Feminist Studies (awarded by Univ. of California Santa Barbara in 2019)


AP (they/she) is a doctoral candidate in Feminist Studies. They earned their BA in Women's and Gender Studies and BJ in Strategic Communication from the University of Missouri in 2017 and earned their MA in Feminist Studies at UCSB in 2019. AP's research focuses on the politics of media, drawing on various fields including sex work studies, comics studies, video games studies, and masculinities studies. Their teaching experience spans topics like introductory feminist studies, queer theory, and feminist media studies. AP's dissertation research examines the aesthetic and affective circulation of antiwork politics in digital media, working cross- and interdisciplinarily using affect theory, queer theory, and Marxist feminism.


Research interests: Labor, antiwork politics, aesthetics and digital media studies, affect studies, gender and sexuality, queer studies


Forthcoming 2022: "The Rise of Bimbo TikTok: Digital Sociality, Postfeminism, and Disidentificatory Subjects" in Identities and Intimacies on Social Media (eds. Paul Nixon and Michelle Ravenscroft). Routledge.


Forthcoming 2022: "Queer Longings for Witch Futures" in The Witch Studies Reader (eds. Jane Ward and Soma Chaudhuri). Duke University Press.


Book review: The New Mutants: Superheroes and the Radical Imagination of American Comics by Ramzi Fawaz. 2019: Journal of Popular Culture 51(6): 1564-1566.


Book Review: Superheroes and Masculinity: Unmasking the Gender Performance of Heroism edited by Sean Parson and J. L. Schatz. 2021: Men and Masculinities 24(2): 354-356.