• Professor
  • Mellichamp Chair in Global Religion and Modernity

Gender in Modern Middle East

Global Feminism

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  • Associate Professor

Ph.D., Associate Professor, Law and Society: the race/sex politics of police brutality; authoritarian legacies, and security regimes in Latin America and the Middle East, particularly Brazil and Egypt; state violence against racial and sexual minorities in the cities of Latin America and the Middle East.

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  • Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Asian American Studies: critical studies of globalization, transnationalism, diaspora, multiculturalism, race and ethnicity, labor studies and feminist studies


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  • Professor

PhD., Professor, Department of Sociology: of democracy, constitutionalism, and Islam in Iran; social and political theory, concentrating on Marx, Hegel, Marxist humanism, the Frankfurt School, Foucault, the Orientalism debate, and critical criminological theory

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Early Modern Studies, Cultural Studies, Literary Theory, Post-Colonial Studies, Renaissance Literature, Restoration and Eighteenth Century Literature, Theories of Gender and Sexualities


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  • Associate Professor

Ph.D., Associate Professor, Black Studies: African American Studies, race and racism, Black feminist theory

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  • Professor

Chicana/Latina Feminist Thought, Political Philosophy, Gender Studies

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  • Ph.D Year 2016

Productive and Reproductive Labors

  • Professor Emeritus

Ph.D., Professor, History of Art and Architecture: 18th and 19th –century European art, particularly British art

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  • Professor

Ph.D., Professor, department of Spanish and Portuguese: Contemporary Spanish Cultural Studies, Iberian Feminisms, violence against women in Spain and Latin America. Her most recent publication is the co-edited volume (with Roberta Johnson) A New History of Iberian Feminisms (2008, University of Toronto Press).

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  • Professor

Professor, Sociology: women, culture, and development; transnational activism; feminism and race

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  • Professor

Ph. D., Professor, Education: Science education, Teacher education and professional development, Educational equity

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  • Professor Emeritus

Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Political Science: public law, law and society, feminist jurisprudence

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  • Professor

Film/Television, Black Feminist Cultural Theory, Cultural Studies

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  • Ph.D Year 2017

Race and Nations

  • Hull Professor
  • Graduate Director

Labor Studies, Gender, Race, Class, Women's History, Social Politics

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  • Associate Professor

Ph.D., Associate Professor, English: gender studies and feminist theory, the body, theories of subjectivity, British and European modernism, critical and cultural theory; Theories of mass culture

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  • Assistant Professor

the sociology of masculinities; the sociology of gender; the sociology of sexualities; the sociology of families; and gender theory.  All of my courses highlight contemporary issues of identity and inequality.

  • Professor

Ph.D., Professor, Linguistics: sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, language, gender, and sexuality, African American English, Mexican and Chicano Spanish; discourse; language and identity; ; language and scientific practice; linguistic diversity of California

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