Maisnam Arnapal

Graduate Student


Genders and Sexualities
Race and Nation


MPhil, MA and BA from University of Delhi, India


Maisnam Arnapal (any pronouns) is a PhD student in Feminist Studies at UC Santa
Barbara. He belongs to the Meitei Indigenous community from Manipur located in the
Indo-Myanmar borderland in Asia. A survivor of an ongoing seven-decade-long armed
conflict, he is interested in studying gender and sexuality with special focus on the
Indigenous peoples of Northeast India. He looks at armed conflict, nation-state, identity
politics, religious revivalism, popular culture, and globalization to study queer and trans
subjectivities and movements among the Indigenous peoples of the region.


LGBTQ studies; Decolonizing Gender and Sexuality; Indigeneity; Postcolonialism;
Globalization; South Asia and Northeast India.