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mariah webber, graduate student, pronouns: she/her
  • Graduate Student
  • she/her/hers

Black, queer, feminist theories; Sex, Sexualities, Erotics, and Sex Work; Black Diasporic Religions; Southern Studies

  • Ph.D. Year 2014

Genders and Sexualities

  • Graduate Student
Genders and Sexualities
Race and Nation
  • Professor

Ph.D., Professor, Religious Studies and East Asian Languages and Cultures: anthropology of the state, modernity, China and Chinese diaspora in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, and the West; critical theory; gender and feminism; media studies; sovereignty and state power; and cultural approaches to political economy

Xiaojian Zhao
  • Professor

Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Asian American Studies: U.S. history, Asian American history, immigration, family, gender, and law

  • (805) 893-2825
  • HSSB 5030
  • Associate Professor

Sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology; sociophonetics; language, gender, and sexuality, especially within transgender and LGBQ communities; embodiment; language and identity; language socialization; ethnography; acoustic and perceptual phonetics; discourse analysis.