Sherene Seikaly

Associate Professor

Office Location

HSSB 4223


Modern middle east, economic thought, development, the body, liberalism


Ph.D., NYU, 2007


I am a historian of capitalism, consumption, and development in the modern Middle East. The most enduring concern of my scholarly research has been to explore how individuals, groups, and governments deploy both concepts and material practices to shape economy, the body, the self, and the other. My research on Palestinian businessmen; reformers of the domestic sphere; thinkers and scientists; and British colonial officers and institutions contributes to social, cultural, and intellectual history, political economy, cultural studies, and gender studies.


A History of Poverty in the Arab World (1900-1970)

A Protest of the Poor: On the Political Meaning of the People (1977 Egypt)


Men of Capital: Scarcity and Economy in Mandate Palestine
Stanford University Press, 2016.

“Bodies and Needs: Lesson from Palestine,” International Journal of Middle East Studies 46 (2014); 784-786.

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with Max Ajl, “Of Europe: Zionism and the Jewish Other”
in Europe after Derrida: Crisis and Potentiality, ed. Bora Isyar and Agnes Czajka. Edinburgh University Press, 2013.

“Return to the Present.”
In Living Together, Jacques Derrida’s Communities of Peace and Violence, ed. Elisabeth Weber. New York: Fordham University Press, 2012.

“Arab Businessmen Challenge the 1940s Status Quo”
Mediterraneans 14 (Spring, 2010): 85-92.

“All That Is Chic: Geography and Desire”
In Sharif Waked, Chic Point: Fashion for Israeli Checkpoints, 160-64. Tel Aviv: Andalus Publishing, 2007.

“Our Man Sisi,”
Jadaliyya (May, 2014)

“Commemorating Janet Abu-Lughod”
Jadaliyya (February, 2013)

“The Meaning of Revolution: On Samira Ibrahim”
Jadaliyya (January, 2013)

“Gender and the People in Revolutionary Times”
Jadaliyya (June, 2013)


HIST 46: Survey of Middle Eastern History

HIST 146: History of the Modern Middle East

HIST 102S: The Body and Revolution in Middle Easter History

HIST 146T: The History of Israel/Palestine

201ME: Advanced Historical Literature: Middle East Arab Liberalism and Neoliberalism

202: Historical Methoda