Doctoral Emphasis

The Department of Feminist Studies, with over sixty core and affiliated faculty members in nineteen departments, serves as a model of interdisciplinary work and scholarly collaboration at UCSB.  Through Spring 2012, almost 70 students have graduated from UCSB having completed the doctoral emphasis.  More than 50 other students currently participate in the emphasis. Feminist Studies doctoral emphasis students are required to complete successfully four seminars designed to develop critical and analytic understanding of feminist theory and pedagogy as well as the study of women, gender, and sexuality.  Feminist Studies as an inter-departmental set of conversations and intellectual questions also supports a multifaceted undergraduate curriculum at UCSB; doctoral emphasis students are encouraged to apply to teach Feminist Studies courses as teaching assistants and associates as part of their training.

Application to the Doctoral Emphasis Program in Feminist Studies
University of California, Santa Barbara

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Doctoral Emphasis Graduates
Feminist Studies: 2009+
Women's Studies: 1994-2008

"I’m a proud holder of a Feminist Studies Doctoral Emphasis. UCSB's Feminist Studies Department prepared me to write and defend a successful dissertation, and to work in Women’s and Gender Studies. But more than that, the many and diverse teaching opportunities I had allowed me to develop a repertoire of useful and sought-after pedagogy skills. And the one-on-one mentorship I received was integral to my success as a graduate student; in fact, it these relationships continue to play an important role in my life and academic career"

 Meredith Heller, Ph.D. Women’s and Gender Studies Program, Northern Arizona University.

Rachel Adams
English Advisor: Maurizia Boscagli Spring 1997
Strange Company: Women, Freaks, and Others in Twentieth-century America
Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University

Elizabeth Adan
Individual Advisor: Abigail Solomon-Godeau Spring 2006
Matter, Presence, Image: The Work of Ritual in Contemporary Feminist Art 
Associate Professor of Art History, Department of Art and Design, California
Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo

Alma Alfaro
Spanish & Portuguese Advisor: Timothy McGovern Spring 2004
Women Writers and Central American Literature: Politics, Sexuality, and Gender
in the Writings of Daisy Zamora, Jacinta Escudos, and Lety Elvir

Professor of Spanish, Department of Modern Languages, Walla Walla

Lauren Applegate
Spanish & Portuguese Advisor: Silvia Bermúdez Spring 2012
Twentieth-Century Trajectories of Female Desire: From Delmira Agustini to Lucía Etxebarria
Visiting Assistant Professor, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Marquette University

Judy Bauerlein
Theater & Dance Advisor: Catherine Cole Summer 2008
 Nostalgic Bodies/Indelible Voices: Strategies of Representation in Feminist Solo

Associate Professor of Theater, Department of Visual and Performing Arts, California State University San Marcos

Denise Baxter
Art History (History Of Art & Architecture) Advisor: Ann Bermingham Summer 2003
Fashions of Sociability in Jean-Francois de Troy's Tableaux de Mode, 1725-1738 
Associate Dean of the College of Visual Arts and Design, Associate Professor of Art Education and Art History, University of North Texas

Justin Bengry
History Advisor: Erika Rappaport Spring 2010
The Pink Pound: Commerce and Homosexuality in Britain
Post Doctoral Honorary Research Fellow, Birkbeck College, University of London, UK

Danielle Borgia
Comparative Literature Advisor: Silvia Bermudez Fall 2009
Specters of the Woman Author: The Haunted Fictions of Anglo-American, Mexican
American, and Mexican Women

Assistant Professor of Women's Studies, Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts at Loyola Marymount University

Stephanie Brommer
Anthropology Advisor: Mary Hancock Spring 2004
'We Walk with Them': South Asian Women's Organizations in Northern
California Confront Domestic Abuse

Senior Faculty, School of Arts and Sciences, Coordinator of Communications Program, City University of Seattle

Karl E. Bryant
Sociology Advisor: Beth Schneider Summer 2007
The Politics of Pathology and the Making of 'Gender Identity Disorder' 
Assistant Professor of Sociology and Women's Studies, State University of New York, New Paltz

Jessica Caldwell-O'Keefe
Theater & Dance Advisor: Catherine Cole Spring 2008
Under Construction: Contemporary American Transgender Theatre
Director, Women's Center, Boise State University

J. Riley Caldwell-O'Keefe
Theater & Dance Advisor: Leo Cabranes-Grant Exp. Spring 2011
Whose Nation is It Anyway? WWII Soldier Shows Creating Government Issued
(GI) Americans

 Adjunct Faculty, Theater Arts, Boise State University

Simone Chess
English Advisors: Richard Helgerson & Patricia Fumerton Summer 2008
'Where's your man's heart now?': Male to Female Crossdressing Plots in Early
Modern Literature

Assistant Professor of English, Wayne State University

Dana M. Collins
Sociology Advisor: Kum-Kum Bhavnani Spring 2002
Laboring Districts, Pleasuring Sites: Hospitality, 'Gay' Life, and the Production of
Urban Sexual Space in Manila 

Assistant Professor of Sociology, California State University at Fullerton

Susan E. Cook
English Advisor: Maurizia Boscagli & Janis Caldwell Spring 2009
Subjects Incorporated: Forms of Inclusion in the Long Nineteenth Century
Assistant Professor of 18th and 19th Century British Literature, Department of English, Bimidji State University 

Suzanne Crawford O'Brien
Religious Studies Advisor: Ines Talamantez Spring 2003
Body as Battleground: Health, Gender, and Embodiment Among American Indian
Communities of Washington State

Associate Professor of Religion and Culture, Chair of Global Studies Program, Pacific Lutheran University

Beth Currans
Religious Studies Advisor: Dwight Reynolds Summer 2007
Performing Gender, Enacting Community: Women, Whiteness, and Belief in
Contemporary Public Demonstrations

Assistant Professor of Women's and Gender Studies, Eastern Michigan University

Susan E. Dalton
Sociology Advisor: John Sutton Spring 1999
We are Family: Understanding the Structural Barriers to the Legal Formation of
Gay and Lesbian Families in California

Brianne A. Dávila
Sociology Advisor: Denise Segura 2011
Negotiating 'Special' Identities: Structure and Agency in Special Education
Assistant Professor of Sociology, Willamette University

Sandra Trudgen Dawson
History Advisor: Erika Rappaport Winter 2007
Islands of Leisure: British Holiday Camp Culture in Peace and War, 1919-1954
Instructor, Department of History, Northern Illinois University

Amanda Denes
Communication Advisor: Tamara Afifi Spring 2012
The Theory of Altered Disclosures: Testing the Influence of Hormonal Responses on Individuals' Disclosure Decision Processes
Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences, University of Connecticut

Madelyn Detloff
English Advisor: Julie Carlson Fall 1997
Production of the Past: Re-visionary Historiography in the Writings of H.D.,
Gertrude Stein and Virginia Woolf

Associate Professor of English, Director and Associate Professor of Women's Studies, Miami University, Ohio

Sharon Doetsch-Kidder
English Advisor: Shirley Lim & Leila Rupp Summer 2009
The Spirit of Social Change: Love, Faith and Joy in Intersectional Activism
Adjunct Professor of Languages, Mathematics and Sciences, Tidewater Community College, Portsmouth, VA

Sylvanna M. Falcon
Sociology Advisor: Denise Segura Spring 2006
'Where are the Women?': Transnational Feminist Interventions at the United
Nations World Conference Against Racism

Assistant Professor, Latin American and Latina/o Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz

Andrea Fontenot
English Advisor: Maurizia Boscagli Spring 2009
Perverse Genealogies: Modernism and the Making of Queer Publics
Director of The Writing Center; Faculty, School of Critical Studies, California Institute of the Arts

Barbara C. Frantz
German Advisor: Ursula Mahlendorf Spring 1995
Gertrud Kolmar's Prose: Stories about Inferiority, Violence, Social Importance,
Maternal Bonds and the Boundaries of Self: A Social-psychological Study

Stacie Furia
Sociology Advisor: Denise Bielby Fall 2009
Memoirs of Captain Fury: An Ethnographic Study of Gender and the Military
Assistant Professor of Sociology and Social Justice, Department of Social Justice, Northland College, Ashland, Wisconsin

Lorena Garcia
Sociology Advisor: Denise Segura Spring 2006
Beyond the Latina Virgin/Whore Dichotomy: Investigating the Sexual Subjectivity
of Latina Youth

Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Illinois, Chicago

Julia Garrett
English Advisor: Richard Helgerson Spring 2004
Community and Intimacy in English Witchcraft Discourse

Amelia (Molly) George
Sociology Advisor: Sarah Fenstermaker Fall 2008
Expert Service Work: Gender, Intimate Labor, and the Pursuit of Professional

Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology, California Lutheran University

Sara Elizabeth Gerend
English Advisor: Maurizia Boscagli Summer 2004
Spectral Modernity: Ghosts of Empire in the Early Twentieth Century
Associate Professor, Department of English, Aurora University

Oscar Gil-Garcia
Sociology Advisors: Denise Segura & Laury Oaks Winter 2010
Representations of Race, Class and Gender in Transnational Guatemalan Forced
Migrant Communities 

Assistant Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, DePauw University

Denise Gill-Gürtan
Music Advisors: Scott Marcus & Barbara Tomlinson Exp. Winter 2011
"May God Increase Your Pain": Turkish Classical Music, Gender Subjectivities,
and the Cultural Politics of Melancholy

Assistant Professor of  Ethnomusicology, Islamic Studies, Washington University in St. Louis

Laura Grindstaff
Sociology Advisor: Beth Schneider Spring 1996
Airing Dirty Laundry: Behind the Scenes of a Daytime Television Talkshow
Associate Professor of Sociology, University of California, Davis

April Rose Haynes
History Advisor: Patricia Cohen Spring 2009
Riotous Flesh: Gender, Physiology, and the Solitary Vice, 1830-1860
Assistant Professor of Women's and Gender History, University of Oregon

Laura Holliday
English Advisor: Shirley Lim Spring 2004
The Frying Pan and the Fire: Gendered Citizenship and the American Kitchen
from the Postwar Era to the Family Values Campaign

Owner, Doc Holliday Wordsmithing

Glyn Hughes
Sociology Advisor: Beth Schneider Fall 2004
SportCo Branding: Management Culture, and Subjectivity in U.S. Sports Media
Director of Common Ground, Affiliated Faculty in Sociology and Anthropology, University of Richmond

Patricia Clare Ingham
English Advisor: Aranye Fradenburg Summer 1995
Sovereign Fantasies: Arthurian Romance and the Making of Britain
Professor of English and Medieval Studies, Indiana University

Johari Jabir
Religious Studies Advisor: Rudy Busto Summer 2007
One More Valiant Soldier Here: Music, Masculinity, and Manhood in the Black
Religious Imaginary

Assistant Professor, Department of African American Studies, University of Illinois,

Lashaune Johnson
Sociology & Human Development Advisors: Jon Cruz & Laury Oaks Fall 2009
In My Sisters' Shadows: Politics of Authenticity and Worthiness in AfricanAmerican Breast Cancer Outreach 
Assistant Professor, Master of Public Health Program, Creighton University

Rosie Kar

Comparative Literature Advisor: Bishnupriya Ghosh Exp. Fall 2012
Citizenship and Desire: The South Asian Diasporic Body

Lecturer, Department of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, California State University Long Beach

Susan Keller
English Advisor: Maurizia Boscagli Summer 2008
Making Up Modernity: Fashioning the Feminine in Early Twentieth-Century U.S.

Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Literature and Languages, East Tennessee State University

Linda Kick
Comparative Literature Advisors: Catherine Nesci & Julie Carlson Exp. Fall 2010
A Feminist Sublime and Grotesque: Dorothea Schlegel, Mary Shelly, George Sand,
and their Twentieth-Century Daughters 

Katrina Kimport
Sociology Advisors: Verta Taylor & Jennifer Earl Fall 2009
The Meanings of Marriage: Gender, Sexuality and Heteronormativity in the 2004
San Francisco Same-Sex Weddings

Qualitative Sociologist, Assistant Professor, University of California, San Francisco

Noa Logan Klein
Sociology Advisor: Verta Taylor Summer 2010
Loving Touch: Therapeutic Massage, the Socialization of the Body, and the
Healing of U.S. Culture

Lecturer, Department of Sociology, University of California, Santa Barbara

Carolyn Herbst Lewis
History Advisor: Leila Rupp Fall 2007
Coitus Perfectus: The Medicalization of Heterosexuality in the Cold War United

Assistant Professor of American and Women's History, Grinnell College

Meika Loe
Sociology Advisor: Beth Schneider Spring 2002
(De)constructing the Viagra Phenomenon: Claims, Markets, and the Science of

Associate Professor of Sociology and Women's Studies, Director of Women's Studies, Colgate University

Anne Marcoline
Comparative Literature Advisor: Catherine Nesci Spring 2012
Hearing Double: The Musical Body and the Female Voice in the Works of E.T.A. Hoffmann and George Sand.
Assistant Professor of 19th Century European Literature, University of Houston-Clear Lake

Brooke Mascagni
Political Science Advisor: Kent Jennings Exp. Fall 2012
California's Movement to Legalize Marijuana: Framing Processes, Collective Identity, and Facilitative Spaces in Proposition 19                                                                                                       Assistant Professor of Political Science and Gender Studies, Texas A&M University, Kingsville

Martha McCaughey
Sociology Advisor: Constance Penley Fall 1995
Physical Feminism: An Ethnographic Study of the North American Women's Self-Defense Movement and Its Transformation of Gender Ideology
Professor of Sociology, Appalachian State University

Bianca Murillo
History Advisor: Stephan Miescher Summer 2009
Market Relations: Retailing, Distribution, and the Politics of Consumption in the
Gold Coast/Ghana, 1930-75

Assistant Professor of History, Willamette University

Anastasia N. Panagakos
Anthropology Advisor: Mary Hancock Summer 2003
Romancing the Homeland: Transnational Lifestyles and Gender in the Greek

Professor of Anthropology, Cosumnes River College, Sacramento

Sarah Parsons
Art History (History Of Art & Architecture) ADVISORs: Ann Bermingham & Abigail
Solomon-Godeau Fall 2004
Imagining Empire: Slavery and British Visual Culture, 1765-1807

Director, Graduate Programs in Art History & Visual Culture, Department of Visual Art & Art History, York University, Toronto, Canada                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Stacey Robertson
History Advisor: Pat Cohen Spring 1994
Parker Pillsbury, Anti-slavery Apostle: Gender and Religion in NineteenthCentury U.S. Radicalism
Dean of College of Arts and Humanities, Central Washington University

Jennifer Rogers-Brown
Sociology Advisor: Kum-Kum Bahvnani Summer 2008
The Ma(i)ze of Globalization: Free Trade, Gender, and Resistance in Oaxaca
Assistant Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Long
Island University

Jeanne Scheper
English Advisor: Maurizia Boscagli Summer 2005
Moving Performances: Traversing Trans-Atlantic Modernism, 1892-1940
Assistant Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies, University of California, Irvine

Mark Schuller
Anthropology Advisor: Mary Hancock Fall 2007
Killing with Kindness? The Impacts of International Development Aid on
Participation and Autonomy within Women's NGOs in Post-Coup Haiti

Assistant Professor of  Anthropology, Northern Illinois University; Affiliated Faculty at the Faculté d’Ethnologie, l’Université d’État d’Haïti

Eve Shapiro
Sociology Advisor: Beth Schneider & Verta Taylor Fall 2005
The Disposable Boy Toy: Identity Transformation in a Drag King Community 
Assistant Professor of Sociology, Westfield State College

Leslie Dorrough Smith
Religious Studies Advisor: Wade Clark Roof Summer 2010
Crafting Chaos: How the Rhetorical Structure of Conservative Protestant
Discourse Drives American 'Moral' Culture

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Chair of Women's and Gender Studies Department, Avila University

Cynthia Stavrianos
Political Science Advisor: M. Kent Jennings Summer 2008
The Politics of Motherhood: Maternal Frames in Women's Political Action
Assistant Professor of Political Science, Department of Political Science, Gonzaga University

Parissa Tadrissi
Spanish & Portuguese Advisor: Silvia Bermudez Spring 2006
'Realismo Sucio,' Women, and Youth Culture in Contemporary Spain: Care Santos' 
Narratives of Identity Formation
Professor of Spanish, Sonoma State University

Jessica Taft
Sociology Advisor: Avery Gordon Spring 2008
Growing Up and Rising Up: Teenage Girl Activists and Social Movements in the

Assistant Professor of Sociology, Davidson College; Visiting Fellow at the Kellogg Institute for International Studies, Notre Dame College

Molly Talcott
Sociology Advisor: Kum-Kum Bhavnani Summer 2008
Claiming Dignity, Reconfiguring Rights: Gender, Youth, and Indigenous-led
Politics in Southern Mexico

Assistant Professor of Sociology, California State University, Los Angeles

Sarah Mcfarland Taylor
Religious Studies Spring 1999
Sisters of Earth: Catholic Nuns Rehabilitating Religion at Genesis Farm
Associate Professor of Religion, Department of Religious Studies, Northwestern University

Barbara Trepagnier
Sociology Advisor: Kum-Kum Bhavnani Spring 1996
Silent Racism in White Women
Professor of Sociology, Texas State University, San Marcos

Sarah Whedon
Religious Studies Advisor: Catherine Albanese Fall 2007
Hands, Hearts, and Heads: Childhood and Esotericism in American Waldorf

Chair of the Department of Theology and Religious History, Cherry Hill Seminary

ALACE-trained birth doula and a Bay Area Doula Project-trained abortion doula

Leandra Zarnow
History Advisor: Eileen Boris Summer 2010
Bella Abzug and the Promise of Progressive Change in Cold War United States
Assistant Professor of US History and Women's History, University of Houston