Doctoral Emphasis


The Department of Feminist Studies, with over sixty core and affiliated faculty members in nineteen departments, serves as a model of interdisciplinary work and scholarly collaboration at UCSB.  Through Spring 2012, almost 70 students have graduated from UCSB having completed the doctoral emphasis.  More than 50 other students currently participate in the emphasis. Feminist Studies doctoral emphasis students are required to complete successfully four seminars designed to develop critical and analytic understanding of feminist theory and pedagogy as well as the study of women, gender, and sexuality.  Feminist Studies as an inter-departmental set of conversations and intellectual questions also supports a multifaceted undergraduate curriculum at UCSB; doctoral emphasis students are encouraged to apply to teach Feminist Studies courses as teaching assistants and associates as part of their training. In Spring 2022, we welcome our most recent doctoral emphasis affiliated department, Philosophy, and thank Professor Elinor Mason.

Interdisciplinary Emphases 

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Application to the Doctoral Emphasis Program in Feminist Studies
University of California, Santa Barbara

As for the emphasis, courses can be taken before or after formal admission to the Emphasis. To formally apply for admission to the Emphasis download and complete the application form here: Download the Application Form
When completed, email it to the current Faculty Graduate Advisor
Only after the Petition has been approved by the advisor, and if you are in a "Participating Department," you must then complete a Graduate Division Petition to officially add the Emphasis to your major.
It is your responsibility to keep track of the courses you have taken via the requirements sheet and to let the department know when you have completed all the courses.

Please Note: The application form is an interactive .docx with form fields. Please save the form to your computer's desk top or hard drive by doing a "SAVE AS". Then open up the file from your computer and type into the form fields. Then make sure to "SAVE" the file to retain your information on the form. Please let us know if you have problems.