Feminist Pedagogy Series

The Feminist Pedagogy Series was designed to offer a graduate students and faculty a space to discuss pedagogical issues and strategies in the feminist classroom. It met once each quarter.


Feminist Pedagogy Coordinator
- Laura Tanner (Lead TA)
Feminist Pedagogy Workshops
- Grading Student Writing; Creating Queer and Trans Affirming Spaces, Fall 2015
- Bringing the Self in the Classroom; Creating Anti-Racist Classroom Spaces, Winter 2016
- Creating Affirming Spaces for Working and Poverty Class Individuals, Using Anti-Classist Language in the Classroom, Spring 2016


Feminist Pedagogy Coordinators (Lead TAs)
- Delores Mondragón, Chicano/Chicana Studies
- Heather Hurwitz, Sociology


Feminist Pedagogy Coordinators (Lead TAs)
- Kristin Conover, Counseling, Clinical, & School Psychology
- Chloe Diamond-Lenow Feminist Studies
- Karen Hanna Feminist Studies


Feminist Pedagogy Coordinators (Lead TAs)
- Melissa Barthelemy, History
- Sandibel Borges, Feminist Studies
Feminist Pedagogy Sessions
- Safe Space in the Feminist Classroom, Fall 2011
- Power Dynamics in the Feminist Classroom, Winter 2012
- Mentoring Undergraduates, Spring 2012


Feminist Pedagogy Coordinators (Lead TAs)
- Alexandra Hendley, Sociology
- Sarah Watkins, History
Feminist Pedagogy Sessions
- What is a Feminist Classroom?, Fall 2010
- Feminism & Authority in the Classroom, Winter 2011
- Blogging and the Feminist Classroom, Spring 2011


Feminist Pedagogy Coordinators (Lead TAs)
- Denise Gill-Gürtan, Music
- Adrianna Santos, Chicana/o Studies
Feminist Pedagogy Sessions
- Practical Strategies for Creating and Maintaining Feminist Classrooms, Fall 2009
- Critical Pedagogy in Feminist Classrooms: Teaching War and Sexual Violence, Winter 2010
- Pedagogies of “Witnessing”: Films as Teaching Tools in Feminist Classrooms, Spring 2010


Feminist Pedagogy Coordinators (Lead TAs)
- Janiene Langford, History
- Tracy Royce, Sociology
Feminist Pedagogy Sessions
- Negotiating Boundaries with Students and Faculty, Fall 2008
- The Role of Experience in the Feminist Classroom, Fall 2008
- Conflict and Authority in (and Beyond) the Feminist Classroom, Winter 2009
- The F Word Today: Feminism, Identity, and Practice in the Classroom, Spring 2009


Feminist Pedagogy Coordinators (Lead TAs)
- Joan Budesa, Sociology
- Chrissy Lau, History
Feminist Pedagogy Sessions
- Addressing Issues of Power and Entitlement in the University Classroom, Fall 2007
- Teaching Millennial Students, Fall 2007
- The F Word, Winter 2008
- My Pedagogy is My Body is My Culture, Spring 2008


Feminist Pedagogy Coordinators (Lead TAs)
- Katrina Kimport, Sociology
- Carolyn Lewis, History
Feminist Pedagogy Sessions
- Defining Feminist Pedagogy, Fall 2006
- Emotions in the Classroom, Fall 2006
- What is ‘Good’ Teaching, and How Do We Do It?, Winter 2007
- Race and Diversity in the Women’s Studies Classroom, Spring 2007


Feminist Pedagogy Coordinators (Lead TAs)
- Debra Guckenheimer, Sociology
- Sarah Whedon, Religious Studies
Feminist Pedagogy Sessions
- Responding to Katrina and Mentoring, Fall 2005
- Encountering Increasing Conservatism among Students, Fall 2005
- Pedagogy of Personal Experience, Winter 2006
- Final Feminist Pedagogy Session, Spring 2006


Feminist Pedagogy Coordinators (Lead TAs)
- Elena Skapouli, Education
- Masen Uliss, Religious Studies
Feminist Pedagogy Sessions
- Introducing UCSB Women's Studies Resources, Fall 2004
- Positive Feminist Strategies for Classroom Conflict, Fall 2004
- Feminist Ethics and the Politicized Classroom, Winter 2005
- Women's Studies Teaching: Where do We Go From Here?, Spring 2005


Feminist Pedagogy Coordinators (Lead TAs)
- LaShaune Johnson, Sociology & Human Development
- Jennifer Rogers, Sociology
Feminist Pedagogy Sessions
- What is Feminist Pedagogy?, Fall 2003
- What Does “Safe Classroom” Mean?, Fall 2003
- What’s Different about Being a Women’s Studies TA?, Spring 2004


Feminist Pedagogy Coordinators (Lead TAs)
- Hillary Haldane, Anthropology
- Tiffany Willoughby-Herard, Political Science
Feminist Pedagogy Sessions
- Limits and Successes of Deploying Authenticity, Fall 2002
- Anti-Feminism in the Classroom, Winter 2003
- Power Dynamics and Agency Related to Feminism, Spring 2003


Feminist Pedagogy Coordinators (Lead TAs)
- Melanie Corn, Art History
- Beth Currans, Religious Studies
- Nancy Arnold, Art History
Feminist Pedagogy Sessions
- Past, Present, and Future: An Intergenerational Dialogue, Fall 2001
- Strategies for a Queer Pedagogy, Fall 2001
- Implementing Feminist Pedagogy as a Teaching Assistant, Winter 2002
- Feminist Pedagogy: What It Can Do for You?, Spring 2002


Feminist Pedagogy Coordinators (Lead TAs)
- Nancy Ann Arnold, Art History
- Carol Fujimura, Religious Studies
- Rebecca Mitchell, Comparative Literature
Feminist Pedagogy Sessions
- Imagining the Feminist Classroom: Starting the Dialogue, Fall 2000
- Feminist Pedagogy in Practice: A Panel Discussion, Fall 2000
- Imagining the Feminist Classroom: Generating Your Own Teaching Philosophy, Winter 2001
- Technology in the Feminist Classroom, Spring 2001


Feminist Pedagogy Coordinators (Lead TAs)
- Salomon Gruenwald, Anthropology
- Meika Loe, Sociology
- Molly Moloney, Sociology
- Anastasia Panagakos, Anthropology


Feminist Pedagogy Coordinators (Lead TAs)
- Glyn Hughes, Sociology
- Molly Moloney, Sociology
- Rebecca Overmyer-Velasquez, Sociology
- Deborah Lou, Sociology


Feminist Pedagogy Coordinators (Lead TAs)
- Dana Collins, Sociology
- Julia Shayne, Sociology


Feminist Pedagogy Coordinators (Lead TAs)
- Johanna Blakley, English
- Amory Starr, Sociology
- Sarah Taylor, Religious Studies


Feminist Pedagogy Coordinators (Lead TAs)
- Madelyn Detloff, English
- Rachel Luft, Sociology
- Julia Garrett, English