Rachel Rys

Ph.D. year 2019-Associate Director of the Writing Center
Baruch College


Productive and Reproductive Labors

Ph.D. Emphasis in Writing Studies

Certificate in College and University Teaching


B.A., Linguistics & Gender Studies, Northwestern University


M.A., Feminist Studies, UCSB
B.A., Linguistics and Gender Studies, Northwestern University


Feminist pedagogy, writing studies, comics studies, sociolinguistics, affect, academic writing and labor, university studies, and interdisciplinary studies


Rachel’s dissertation, “Powerful Marginality: Comics, Pedagogy, and Feminist Theory,” draws together feminist studies, comics studies, and writing studies literature to discuss the productive overlap between the comics medium and feminist approaches to knowledge. Through a mix of both prose and original comics, she analyzes how the storytelling tools of the comics medium can be used to write about, teach about, and enact feminist theory for audiences both within and beyond the university.


 “‘Just’ Emotions: The Politics of Racialized and Gendered Affect in a Graduate Sociolinguistic Justice Classroom.” In Feeling It: Language, Race, and Affect in Latinx Youth Learning, 2018, edited by Mary Bucholtz, Dolores Inés Casillas, and Jin Sook Lee, 29-46. New York: Routledge

(URL: https://www.routledge.com/Feeling-It-Language-Race-and-Affect-in-Latinx-Youth-Learning/Bucholtz-Casillas-Lee/p/book/9781138296800).


Independently Designed and Taught

  • Academic Writing (First-Year Composition)
  • Feminist Theories for Precarious Times
  • The Politics of Sexual Citizenship
  • Doing Feminist Activism in the Age of Social Media
  • Sexuality and the State
  • The Politics of Reproduction and Reproductive Technologies