Ginger Mueller-Testerman

Graduate Student


B.A. English at U.C. Berkeley, 2011

M.A. Sexuality Studies at San Francisco State University, 2021


Ginger (she/her) received a BA from UC Berkeley in 2011 and MA from San Francisco State University in Sexuality Studies in 2021. Her MA thesis, “Clitoral Discourse: Analysis of Pleasure in Contemporary Sex Instruction Manuals” explores the social construction of sexual expertise and pleasure erasure. She was an adjunct/lecturer instructor at SFSU in the Women & Gender Studies Department and the Sociology Department and at the California College of the Arts, Critical Studies Department. Ginger finds a lot of joy in teaching and currently pursues research in the fields of feminist pedagogy and critical university studies. She has also published a pleasure-centered sex education book for young adults. She volunteers with the GLBT Historical Society Museum and held an internship with the queer literary arts magazine, Queer Aesthetics

Ginger’s dissertation will combine productive and reproductive labors and gender and sexualities by theorizing the relationship between capitalism, sexuality, and intimacy, particularly focusing on sites of pleasure. Through this framework, she is developing a queer history of the clitoris.


Productive and reproductive labors, gender and sexualities, Queer Studies, American Studies, Feminist Pedagogy, Medical Humanities, Reproductive Justice.