Catherine Nesci
  • Professor

Ph.D., Professor and Chair, French and Italian: nineteenth-century French literature and cultural studies, literary theory, feminist and gender studies; History of French feminism, including French women and politics (1789-present); French women writers and film directors; Colonial and post-Colonial Francophone Literature and Cinema

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Christopher Newfield
  • Professor

Ph.D., Professor, English: nineteenth and twentieth century American literature, literary and social theory, gender, sexuality, and race

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  • South Hall 2517
  • Professor
  • Chair

Reproductive politics, Health, Medicine, and Science

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  • 4714 South Hall
Lisa Parks
  • Professor

Ph.D., Professor, Film Studies: global media and broadcast history, cultural studies; Science and Technology Studies; Media Theory

  • (805) 893-2347
  • 2431 Social Sciences & Media Studies (SSMS)
Constance Penley
  • Professor

Ph.D., Professor, Film Studies: film history and theory, media studies, literary and rhetorical studies, cultural studies, feminist theory, science and technology studies, contemporary art

  • (805) 893-4637
  • 2310 Social Sciences & Media Studies (SSMS)
  • Graduate Student

Genders and Sexualities

  • Graduate Student

Gender and Sexualities

  • Associate Professor

Ph.D., Associate Professor, History, and Director of Public Historical Studies: American colonial history, Native American history, history of women and the family; History of Women and the Family, Law and Society, Colonialism, History and Anthropology, Public History, Museum Studies, History of Memory

  • (805) 893-2713
  • HSSB 4215
Linda Putnam
  • Professor
  • Chair

Ph.D., Professor, Communication: Negotiation and conflict management in organizations; discourse studies in organizations; gender and negotiation; Organizational Communication

  • (805) 893-5316
  • 4109/4409 SS&MS
Erika Rappaport
  • Associate Professor

Ph.D., Associate Professor, History: modern Britain and its empire, modern European gender history, comparative consumer cultures; imperial history; Modern European Cultural History; Transnational History

  • (805) 893.5681
  • HSSB 4253
  • Professor

Women's Movements,


Transnational History

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  • 4710 South Hall
  • Graduate Student

Genders and Sexualities

  • Assistant Professor

Ph.D, Assistant Professor, Department of Englsih

  • (805)893-7488
  • South Hall 2505
Chela Sandoval
  • Associate Professor

Ph.D., Associate Professor, Chicano Studies: cyber and millennial studies, third space feminism, critical media theory and production, oppositional consciousness, social movement

  • (805) 893-3363
  • 1701 South Hall
Beth Schneider
  • Professor

Ph.D., Professor, Sociology: sexuality, feminist studies, social movements, AIDS, health; political and social movements

  • (805) 893-3300
  • Social Sciences and Media Studies Bldg 3419
  • Graduate Student

Productive and Reproductive Labors

Denise Segura
  • Professor

Ph.D., Professor, Sociology: gender, feminist studies, Chicano/a studies, race relations, work and community studies; Latina/o education, and Chicana/Mexicana employment

  • (805) 893-4761
  • Social Sciences and Media Studies Bldg 3004
  • Associate Professor

Modern middle east, economic thought, development, the body, liberalism