Department News

CLAS workshops on how to study better

Updated: 04/09/2014 - 10:07

Here’s the schedule of CLAS workshops on how to study better, perfect for anybody who needs better grades or wants to get the same grades but in less time.

Exciting Internship with Arts for Humanity!

Updated: 04/08/2014 - 11:18

Our extensive Internship Program trains the next generation of community leaders by providing opportunities in the arts and social service.

The Feminist Majority Foundation/Ms. magazine is currently accepting applications for summer internships in our Los Angeles, CA office.

S14 - LING 80 : Endangered Languages

Updated: 04/02/2014 - 11:31

Do you need a GE class?

Please find attached a flyer for one of the History of Art and Architecture department's spring 2014 classes which may be of interest to your students, ARTHI 186N/251A- "Black Womanhood: Images, Icons and Ideologies."

Department Events

CARE-Expo: A Career Fair for Non-Profits
Speaker: Monte-Angel Richardson
Event Date: April 30, 2014 - 12:00pm

On April 30, 2014, UC Santa Barbara's Community Affairs Board and Career Services Department will host the annual CARE Expo, a FREE recruiting fair for non-profit and government organizations.

Get Ready for the Spring Career Fair
Event Date: April 16, 2014 - 12:00pm

The Spring Career Fair is UCSB's largest recruiting event of the year.

TALK: "Imagining the State": TUESDAY Mar 4 12:30 PM
Speaker: Davina Cooper
Event Date: March 4, 2014 - 12:30pm

If how the state is imagined shapes social and political action, the politics of state imagining provides an important site for progressive reflection.

On Saturday, April 5, 2014, graduate students in the Comparative Literature Program will host an interdisciplinary conference to showcase undergraduate research.

Invitation: Xicana Performance Event Thurs. Feb. 27 @ 7:30pm
Speaker: Amber Rose Gonzalez
Event Date: February 27, 2014 - 7:00pm

It is with great enthusiasm that we invite you to attend La Chismosa!!!, the final stand-up comedy meets performance art show that completes Adelina Anthony's comedic triptych Las Hociconas.