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Women's Studies, Disciplinarity, and Interdisciplinarity: Conversations for Change
This series of lectures and workshop "conversations" explores the past and future of Women's Studies, interrogating issues of disciplinarity and interdisciplinarity to Women's Studies, and the relationship of the study of women and gender to disability studies, critical race theory and ethnic studies, transnationalism and postcolonial studies, legal studies, queer studies and science studies. For more information contact Leigh Dodson at or Eileen Boris, Hull Professor of Women's Studies at 893-8444.
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2009-2010 Speakers:

Co-sponsor, “Defend Not Defund the University”, A Teach-in
October 14

Fatima El-Tayeb, “Conversations for Change on Islam, Sexualities, and Europe
November 17

Co-sponsor, New Sexualities Studies
November 18

James Berger, “Cognitive Impairment, Care, and ?Defenses of Narrative? in an Age of Neuroscience,” Conversations for Change
February 25

Co-sponsor, Valerie Matsumato, “Developing Second Generation Voices: Women in the Pre-War Nisei Writers Group,” Asian American Studies
April 21

Co-sponsor, “Central American Forced Migration,“, MCC
May 3

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