UCSB, October 1, 2004


On April 24 at 6pm in South Hall 4631A, Adrienne Davis will discuss "But It Feels So Good to Be Bad: Abjection and Consent in Art and Law” based on legal scholar Janet Halley’s argument that feminist sex equality may be in irreconcilable tension with queer sexual liberation and artist Kara Walker’s resistance of racially redemptive art endorsed by conventional civil rights projects. Davis shows how Halley and Walker ground their controversial work in the notion of the abject, which she concludes sheds more heat than light on questions of equality, identity, and justice.
Davis is the Reef C. Ivey II Research Professor of Law at the University of North Carolina School of Law. Her scholarship emphasizes the gendered and private law dimensions of American slavery, as well as theories of commodification, law and literature, and reparations.




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