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Claire Moses
University of Maryland, June 5-6

Claire Moses
"Transforming the Univeristy: Reflections on the Women's Studies Ph.D."
June 5, 4-6pm, McCune Conference Room, 6020 HSSB


Wiegman, Robyn; Katz, Cindi; Subramaniam, Banu
"Women's studies: Interdisciplinary imperatives, again / Response"
Feminist Studies summer 2001

Allen, Judith A.; Kitch, Sally L.
"Disciplined by disciplines The need for an interdisciplinary research mission in women's studies"
Feminist Studies summer 1998

Friedman, Susan Stanford
"(Inter)Disciplinarity and the question of the woman's studies PH.D"
Feminist Studies summer 1998

Guy-Sheftall, Beverly
"Engaging difference: Racial and global perspectives in graduate women's studies education"
Feminist Studies summer 1998

Coates, Jacky; Dodds, Michelle; Jensen, Jodi
"Isn't just being here political enough" Feminist action-oriented research as a challenge to graduate women's studies"
Feminist Studies summer 1998

Boxer, Marilyn J.
"Remapping the university: The promise of the women's studies PH.D"
Feminist Studies summer 1998

Gardiner, Judith Kegan; Caughie, Pamela L.; and Kitch, Sally L.
"Graduate Education in Women's Studies: Paradoxes and Challenges."
A Panel, Originally Presented at the NWSA Conference, 2001, and Revised for Publication in Feminist Studies, Summer 2003

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