Jordan Victorian

Graduate Student


Race and Nations


BA in American Culture Studies & Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Washington University in St. Louis, 2017


Jordan Victorian is a doctoral student from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and a graduate of McKinley Senior High. Now a Eugene Cota-Robles fellow, Victorian earned a BA at Washington University in St. Louis, where they were a Mellon Mays undergraduate fellow. There, Jordan completed a thesis exploring how non-monogamous people of color in St. Louis develop queer (or “quare”) theories, skills, and relationship infrastructures that allow them to practice non-monogamy and understand themselves outside of dominant notions of deviance. Victorian is especially interested in black queer studies and black feminist analysis, with a focus on how racialized sexuality may be experienced as a complex site of pleasure, punishment, and political possibilities.


Feminist and queer (of color) theory; black cultural studies; sexuality studies; non/monogamy and polyamory; ethnography; porn studies; new media.