Department of Feminist Studies Statement of Support

We, the Department of Feminist Studies, wish to reiterate our continued and ongoing support of ALL of our students, colleagues, and coworkers.

We denounce threats, lies told about historically marginalized populations, and rhetorical, systemic, and physical demonstrations of discrimination.

We pledge to continue doing the work we have always done to make UCSB a safe, rigorously challenging, and mind-expanding site to practice our scholarship and teach the next generation of critical citizens.

We vow to work with and alongside our colleagues who strive to integrate social justice and advocacy work into the infrastructure of our university.

In the wake of the election, we know full well what we need to do because in many ways the Department of Feminist studies has always done that work, and we recognize our alignment and allegiance to other area studies departments particularly Black Studies, Chicano/a Studies, and Asian American Studies. And yet, we also realize that the work will be harder, more demanding, and more exhausting as the new administration takes power on and after January 20, 2017.

Finally, we want to express love, hope, and care to the many communities that find a home in the Department of Feminist Studies. And we welcome collaborations and conversations with individuals, groups, and departments across campus and across the UC that recognize the importance and value of feminist scholarship, now more than ever.