Department of Feminist Studies Statement on Campus Chalking Incidents

The faculty in the Department of Feminist Studies denounce the words of hate inscribed on our campus in the first week of April 2016. We urge our administrative leaders to take swift and definitive action to find, condemn, and punish the group and/or individuals who committed such a heinous display of anti-community and anti-UCSB sentiment. In our classes and in our conversations with our students, we hear and feel the fear, disappointment, and sadness that these hate inscriptions and the people who wrote them have precipitated on our communities. As teachers and social justice advocates for racial, gender, sexual, class, and migrant rights on campus, the Feminist Studies Department stands united against discrimination and we stand with and for the students in calling for our leaders to act now. It is imperative to engage in university-wide conversations about how to move forward during this pivotal moment in our history, not only as a campus, but also as a nation. We urge our leaders to work toward the expression and enactment of a deep, committed, and sustained attention to preserving this university’s reputation as a site for all and not just a privileged few to learn and live safely with dignity.