Feminist Studies Chair Welcomes Everyone Back

Many of us approach the start of the academic year with mixed emotions, grieving for summer’s ephemeral, lower key pace and celebrating the start of new routines and unexpected opportunities. In our classes, many new undergraduates will learn how to apply feminist studies to their own lives and the world around us. Our department is especially excited that Assistant Professor Jennifer Tyburczy has arrived on campus and is settling in, already actively participating in our UCSB community and building new connections as the Director of the LGBTQ minor. We anticipate a strong wave of energy as we welcome our incoming graduate students, Beatrix McBride, Nancy Morales, and Isabella Restrepo. As Chair, I celebrate the work that all of our graduate students do to invigorate our department through their research, teaching and campus-community participation. I will enjoy working closely with Professor Mireille Miller-Young, our incoming Feminist Studies Graduate Director.

I thank my faculty colleagues for working to sustain an academic environment focused on social justice while they balance the many demands on their professional time. For dedication to our students and the love of teaching, I appreciate our lecturers, Dr. Teresa Figueroa Sánchez and Dr. Ednie Garrison. Our generous office staff, led by Sonya Baker (Business Officer) and Christina Toy (Graduate/Undergraduate Advisor) and peer advisors, Marleen Muñoz and April Jackson, keep the doors of our lively office open and provide us resources, support, and problem-solving. Rosa Pinter and Heather Liu work behind the scenes to be sure that our research and department budgets are in smooth working order.

This fall, please take a moment to stop in to celebrate the start of the new academic year with Feminist Studies!