A Statement from Feminist Studies

The Feminist Studies community joins the rest of UCSB and our friends everywhere in mourning the tragic loss in Isla Vista on May 23 of George Chen, Katherine Cooper, James Hong, Christopher Ross Michaels-Martinez, David Wang and Veronika Weiss in Isla Vista--and celebrating their life. We recognize that individual acts occur in larger cultural, social, economic, and political circumstances. This event too provokes a host of difficult conversations: about dominant masculinities, misogyny, sexuality, violence, class privilege, and race. A feminist intersectional approach that accounts for the complexity of structures and identities provides other ways of understanding often ignored by mainstream media. We invite you to sample the diverse reactions circulating on feminist blogs and elsewhere by visiting our Tumblr: http://ucsbfemst.tumblr.com. We grieve for our place but also for all the children--and adults--subject to gun violence whether in the inner cities of this nation or the streets of gated communities because they have been targeted as disposable people by their gender, race, class, religion, nationality, or other factors. With Richard Martinez, the father of one of the slain students, we declare, "Not One More!"