W14 Anthropology Special Courses

These courses may count by petition for Feminist Studies majors and minors in Area C UD electives.
Anth 197ES: Ethnographic Methods: Studying Race in the Field
TR 8-9:15am
The course will explore ethnographic methods used in social and cultural anthropology. We will focus on the study of race relations in Santa Barbara. The students will complete assignments and conduct practical exercises through the quarter.
Anth 197AC: Gender Politics and Evolution
MW 3:30-4:45pm
This course critically examines the tension between gender politics and the evolutionary social sciences that has developed over the past few decades. Biological explanations of sex differences and of human nature more broadly, have been characterized as setting dangerous precedents by naturalizing behaviors previously thought to be the products of socialization. More recently, evolutionary psychologists and their ilk have been characterized as cryptic conservatives determined to use science to justify oppressive relations between men and women. Gender Politics and Evolution will explore this ongoing controversy with readings from evolutionists, feminists, and other stakeholders.