Winter 2014 Registration Information


Christina Toy


1.  Remember that you can do a degree audit on GOLD if you are a single major in Feminist Studies.  If you are a double major, you can come in and I can run one for you. You should be checking your GE and major progress quarterly!

2.  If you are looking for courses to take, see the attached list of courses within and outside the department that may count toward your FEMST major/minor or LGBTQ minor. Next week I'll send out individual fliers for our special topics courses. Inside the office we also have a handout of all the GEs that count toward the major and minors.  Please come by if you'd like one!

3.  INFORMATION ABOUT HONORS COURSES--20H, 50H, and 60H.  Contact the instructors directly for an add code or to be put on their list.  Each instructor handles honors differently.  An application may be required.  I highly recommend doing the honors section if you are a major or minor.

4.  INFORMATION ABOUT 180:  There is priority registration for SENIOR MINORS.  Please attempt registering on your own, and if you have trouble, email me. I will give you an add code or unblock you.   

If you are a SENIOR MAJOR and you have not taken 180, please register because this is the last time 180 will be offered this school year.

If you are a JUNIOR MAJOR OR MINOR you may attempt to register IF there is space during second pass.  If you register in the first pass, it is highly likely you will be dropped.  You will have priority in Fall, so please plan on taking 180 then if you don't get a spot this Winter.  

Please keep in mind that I do everything possible to make sure everyone who needs the 180 series gets into it in a timely fashion, and this often has more to do with class standing and major/minor status rather than eagerness.

5.  INFORMATION ABOUT 181:  Students registered in 180 this FALL have priority registration.  If you have not completed 180 already and you register for 181 without prior a agreement with me, you will be dropped.  As a reminder, 181 will also be offered in the SPRING.

6.  INFORMATION FOR LGBTQ MINORS:  162 is offered this WINTER.  If you have not completed 80, it's okay to take 162.  For planning purposes, 80 and 162 are typically offered once a year in consecutive quarters (i.e F 80, W 162; or W 80, S 162).

7.  INFORMATION ABOUT FEMST 139:  To be considered for this course, you must submit an application to Grace Chang.  Information is forthcoming.

8.  REGISTRATION LIMITATIONS:  There are major and minor registration limits on GOLD for some of the upper division courses, but you can always contact me if you run into issues.  If your minor appears on GOLD, you should be totally fine!  If your major change/double major paperwork has not gone through and it DOES NOT show Feminist Studies as your major on GOLD, let me know so that I can manually unblock you before your pass time.

If you need academic advising, feel free to make an appointment with me.  I am always happy to meet with you, or if email or phone is better, we can communicate that way as well.