Congratulations to the recipients of the annual RCSGD and Lavender Graduation awards

Outstanding QTPOC Program of the Year Award

The Outstanding QTPOC Program of the Year Award recognizes an event or program that uplifts queer & trans people of color or engages with the intersectional marginalization of queer & trans people of color.

We honor Queer Hemisphere: América Cuir, a two-day conference bringing together Latinx scholars from across the Americas to confront the uncritical mainstreaming of US queer theory and amplify the voices of scholars at the periphery. We thank Dr. Jenn Tyburczy and Allen Magaña for organizing this powerful conference!

The Cathy Cohen Coalition Award

The Cathy Cohen Coalition Award recognizes a student organization or campus department that has made a significant impact on LGBTQIA+ inclusion, safety, and community in Isla Vista and the greater Santa Barbara area.

This year we recognize the LGBTQ Studies Minor in the Department of Feminist Studies. The minor, led by Dr. Jenn Tyburczy, provides an affirmative, interdisciplinary course of study emphasizing an intersectional analysis of gender and sexuality. The minor cultivates an intellectual community of engaged, thoughtful social justice scholars and activists.

The LGBTQ Faculty Engagement Award

The LGBTQ Faculty Engagement Award recognizes an LGBTQ+ identified faculty member who demonstrates exceptional commitment to LGBTQ+ student advocacy.

This year, we honor Dr. Jenn Tyburczy. As the Director of the LGBTQ Minor, Dr. Tyburczy has been a generous mentor to undergraduate and graduate students. She has also shown up as a consistent advocate for LGBTQ+ students, advancing visibility and representation throughout the university.