Feminist Studies Chair, Professor Laury Oaks, 2017-2018 Welcome Message

Welcome to UCSB Feminist Studies in 2017-18!
During this time of political, economic, and social chaos in the world, our minds are drawn often to uncertainty and fear. It is ever so important now to make time to celebrate and share resistance with our communities of support. I invite you to see the Department of Feminist Studies and our classrooms as such sites, where learning, listening, and moving forward for social justice by collaborating with others is possible.
This fall, we welcome new undergraduates and transfer students to our courses, as well as 5 new graduate students. We will have dynamic readings and discussions in all of our classes, and I thank my colleagues, lecturers, teaching associates, and teaching assistants for, in the words of bell hooks, teaching to transgress. I am grateful that Sonya Baker and Crystal Carlos provide excellent staff support to keep the department running. Marily Lopez and Oksana Amador are peer advisors who welcome all visitors to the department.
I wish you all support and learning throughout the year,
Laury Oaks
Professor and Chair