Two electives added! Available now during your second pass!


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Christina Toy


The Department of Feminist Studies is excited to finally announce two more courses for fall quarter!  Second pass is only open for a few more days.  If you miss your chance, let me know and I can give you an add code since we added these courses so late!

FEMST 185AG:  Taught by Amber Gonzalez, doctoral emphasis student in Feminist Studies and PhD student in Chican@ Studies.
This course explores contemporary cultural forms and practices of Indigenous women across the Americas. Students will learn to apply interdisciplinary approaches and theories from fields such as feminist studies, Native American/Indigenous studies, post-colonial studies, and performance studies to examine popular and community-based media, film, television, visual and performing arts and literature. We will analyze issues of identity, representation, globalization, (neo)colonialism, economics, decolonization, cultural memory, sovereignty, and resistance. Emphasis will be placed on the intersection of art and politics and the role of cultural expressions in the struggles for social change.

The course counts for Feminist Studies major and minor elective areas.  Students who took this course during F10 may not take this for repeat credit.

FEMST 185MP:  Taught by Dr. Meredith Heller, graduate of Theater and Feminist Studies doctoral emphasis.
This special topics course explores some of the most current representations of sexuality, gender, and ethnicity in our current pop culture entertainment.  How do TV shows, commercials, entertainment news programs, and social media sites mediate our understanding of what life should, or can be? How might seemingly progressive or liberal depictions of sexuality gender, and ethnicity actually maintain the status quo? In addition to scrutinizing representations of the new “normal," we explore strategies of representation for commercial gain. We also investigate how new media is challenging or resisting these stock representations. By applying critical feminist analyses to the most up-to-date media texts and practices, we will understand why our entertainment is never just entertainment.

The course will count toward both Feminist Studies major and minor and LGBTQ Studies minor elective areas.

See the attached flyers for enrollment details.

Let me know if you have any questions.  If you are a lower-division student and would like to take these upper division courses, please let me know and I'll unblock you. 
As always, I'm available by email and phone and I'm here all summer.