A message from the Feminist Studies Department Chair


Eileen Boris


Dear Majors:
I write to ask for your help in continuing to work towards our goal of making UCSB an exceptional place to study Feminist Studies. UCSB's PProgram Review Panel (PRP) is beginning a comprehensive review of the Department of Feminist Studies that will assess our strengths and determine what needs improvement.  (Every department on campus is reviewed once every seven years or so.) 
A survey of upper-division majors in Feminist Studies will be conducted next week and I am writing to encourage you to participate. The survey will be available online and will take just a few minutes to complete. Your response will be completely confidential.
The purpose of the survey is to provide feedback to the department and the administration that will help us make improvements to the Feminist  Studies program. Student input is especially valuable because you and other majors know what has worked well and what has not.  The survey is part of a comprehensive review of the department. Next year, a team of distinguished faculty from other universities will review all of the information and data that we have compiled, conduct interviews with faculty and students, and write a report that will help to guide the department's future.  This is a very important undertaking, and I hope you will help us by responding to the survey.
Thank you.

Eileen Boris
Hull Professor and Chair
Department of Feminist Studies
Professor of History and Black Studies
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, California 93106
805-893-8444 (chair office)
805-893-8676 (fax)